Prevention Covid-19


As a preventive and risk mitigation measure due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, Shell Rua da Praia informs its esteemed customers and employees about its contingency plan in line with its partners and services.
Our main objective is to ensure a safe and preventive work environment for our customers and employees in all areas and service operations. All measures are based on the recommendations of national health entities as well as other measures that we consider essential for the proper functioning of our services in the current pandemic risk.


Before entering our facilities, go to the Reception for proper authorization where we support you in complying with the requirements imposed by the National Health Entities working with us, helping you to protect and prevent properly.
2.1 – In our facilities, the use of masks is mandatory for all employees and customers related to our business operations and services.
2.2- It is recommended whenever possible a distance of at least 1.5 meters inside or at the entrance of our facilities and in the transactions of our services.

2.3. We strongly recommend the use of Hand Gel or other recommended disinfectant before entering our facilities and when there are transactions for products or services related to our workstations and offices.
2.4. We recommend that customers, employees and employees avoid handshakes or physical touches, as well as groups of more than 2 people if space does not allow the recommended distance.


3.1. Gel or disinfectants are recommended and always wash your hands. Avoid touching the face, eyes and mouth.
3.2. Disinfect and sanitize all equipment and spaces used in the services.
3.3. Shell Rua da Praia employees and employees are advised to avoid events, meetings or agglomerations in groups or public spaces with a large concentration of people.
3.4. Helping clients to comply with good prevention and detachment practices in all commercial or office operations.